Marissa Graham

Train hard, shame-free, and sustainably

Oh Hey!
I'm Marissa

Through my years of coaching experience, education, and personal journey, I’ve become an expert in training hard and resting harder. I want every dancer and athlete to learn how to train in a sustainable way while smashing goals and maintaining balance.

I coach with a deep health and body neutral approach, which means our collaborative work together focuses on the complexities of being a whole-a** person, not just what you look like or what the number on the scale says.


  • Certified Personal Trainer and Human Movement Specialist, Brookbush Institute
  • Certified L1 Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition
  • BFA, Dance Performance
  • Certified Sleep, Stress, & Recovery Coach, Precision Nutrition
  • 7 years of training experience, trained hundreds of clients online and in person
  • 15+ years of serious dance training & performing. Toured nationally & internationally with pro contemporary dance companies
  • L2  Master Health Coach, Precision Nutrition
  • Pre-Post Natal Coach, Girls Gone Strong


For the Love Of Movement

An 8 week group program for dancers, athletes, and advanced movers to learn how to train sustainably and rediscover the joy of movement without burning out. This is for you if you want to be able to train consistently... like, without exhaustion, extreme soreness and/or injury. You understand rest is important, but it just feels impossible to actually do.

1:1 Deep
Health & Coaching

Progressive, 6 month + deep dive into your training and health goals. Reach your long-term goals while balancing training and rest, navigating mental blocks and creating sustainable nutrition habits. This is for you if you're looking for a ton of support, gentle accountability, and a coach who both celebrates your successes and challenges your current beliefs.

Online Training Plans

Progressive, 3+ month personalized training plans with 1:1 support options. This is for you if you want to train without decision fatigue. You want a customized program that’s aligned with your individual goals, and has a supportive coach on the other side of it.

In-person strength & dance training

For the Santa Cruz,CA area only. This is for you if you want in person support and programming for your strength and/or dance training. This program is custom built to be aligned with your individual goals. Sold 6 sessions at a time. Reopening July 2023


"Working with Marissa has really changed my mindset on how I approach a workout, a meal and day to day thinking. This is genuinely the first time I've felt I can take charge of my mental health and my body in a healthy way. Thank you Marissa for helping me through this crazy journey and being there to support me through all of it"
-Dani Valadez-Powell, she/her
“Hiring Marissa as my 1 on 1 coach was the highlight of my year. I decided to sign up after many years of starting and stopping programs and being confused about fitness and nutrition overall. She gave me the structure and the confidence I needed to consistently train, rest and eat healthy. Marissa goes above and beyond with her clients and ensures you will succeed mentally and physically. She's an extremely caring coach and I can't thank her enough for everything she did for me..”
-Alex Gutierrez, he/him
“...My self-esteem for so long was correlated to a number on the scale. I’m not that person anymore thanks to Marissa. My body has endured too much to receive anything but love.”
-Audrey Greene, she/her

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